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Chapter 3

“What the fuck are these?” The box of condoms hit Ty in the chest and instinctively, he caught them. Grady glared from beside Ty’s nightstand, his face flushed.

“Well, they’re condoms. You see, when two people really like each other…” Ty’s playful tone died when Grady’s scowl deepened. “Oh, come on. Where’d you even find these?” He tossed the box back to Grady, who just batted it away to bounce on the bed.

“In your nightstand, Ty,” Grady spit out. “Condoms are for couples who aren’t serious, or for het couples who don’t want kids, or for people with more than one partner. Not for us.” Grady’s words dripped with disdain and underlying pain.

“Grady, calm down. It’s probably an old box forgotten about when we stopped bothering. I bet they’re even expired.” Ty rounded the bed and took Grady’s hand, rubbing his knuckles as if he could loosen the tension in Grady’s whole body through that small bit of skin. Grady yanked his hand back, bent over and picked the box up from where it had fallen against his pillow, shoving it at Ty again.

“Expires next year. New box, opened, one gone. Oh, and your buddy Marcus called,” Grady sneered, reading off a post-it stuck by the phone. “Said any time you want to get together to redeem yourself of your last embarrassment, whatever the fuck that means, he’s free.” He wadded up the message and threw it at Ty, pegging him in the forehead before it fell to the floor. Ty bent and retrieved it, frowning. He and Marcus had made plans for the hoop rematch the other day, so why would he call to repeat himself? Ty opened his mouth to say this, but Grady didn’t give him a chance, pushing past him, careful that their bodies didn’t touch in the tight space between the bed and the wall. He strode to his dresser, yanking out shorts and a t-shirt.

“Going to the gym,” he snapped. Spinning on his heel, he took his clothes into the en-suite, slamming the door so hard the hinges shook.

“What the hell?” Ty mumbled, looking confusedly at the box. They hadn’t bothered with condoms for months, so he couldn’t explain them, which only made him look guiltier. Hell, he felt guilty and he hadn’t even done anything. Jaw set, he marched the span of the bedroom to the bathroom door and threw it open, finding Grady still in his jeans, shirt off, leaning over the sink, head bowed. His head snapped up when Ty barged in. 

“I don’t care what you think you know, but I haven’t bought condoms in months, let alone used one to fuck you or anyone else. Whoever these belong to, it isn’t me,” he tossed the box back at Grady like it was a hot potato. It hit him on the shoulder and fell to the floor. “How do I know they’re not yours? As for Marcus, I ran into him at the store the other day, and the embarrassment he was talking about? Was when he kicked my ass playing basketball. He and I used to audition for the same parts and we got to be buddies, so after being passed over for a role, sometimes we’d go beat the shit out of the courts to make ourselves feel better. Besides, Marcus is straight and married with a baby on the way. Thanks for the fucking faith in me,” Ty whirled on his heel, missing the chagrined look on Grady’s face, and charged back through the bedroom. He almost made it to the door when Grady caught his hand and spun him around.

“Ty, I-“ he began, but Ty cut him off.

“No, Grady. You’re so hell bent on blaming me for some imaginary transgression that you’re not hearing me. So go, do whatever you need to calm the fuck down, and when you’re reasonable, we’ll talk.” He turned away, only to be wheeled around by Grady’s hand on his elbow, strong arms crushing him into Grady’s chest. Grady smashed their lips together, rough and insistent. Ty resisted momentarily before stubbornly allowing the kiss without returning it, his shoulders vibrating with tension. Grady’s tongue licked at his lips, demanding entry into his mouth. He grudgingly gave it, still irritated but acquiescing in increments, his arms sliding around Grady’s shoulders, fingers winding into his hair, gently pulling, furrowed angry brows smoothing out, mouth yielding, becoming pliant. Tension bled from his shoulders down his back, trailed by Grady’s hands which skimmed his muscles through the cotton of his shirt.

Grady’s fingers trailed to the hem and yanked it out of his jeans, and Ty shivered at the touch to his treasure trail. The jingling of Ty’s belt falling to the floor was accompanied by their heavy breathing, the rustle of the rest of their clothes being shed, and a soft whir neither of them noticed. Grady’s hips rolled seductively, his hard-on slotting next to Ty’s with familiarity. Ty’s hands skated down the long lines of Grady’s back to the swell of his ass, pulling him in, releasing, then pulling, pumping Grady’s hips for him. Furiously attacking his neck, Ty pushed him back until the bed knocked their feet out from under them. He rolled, both of them fighting for the upper hand. Grady grunted as he gripped Ty’s wrists and pinned them over his head, the pillows stopping their progress with Grady the victor. A sneer crossed his lips and Ty nipped at it, biting it away, not gently, but not as painfully as he was capable. He struggled against Grady’s strong hands, grumbling low in his throat as he scraped his teeth along Grady’s jaw. He wrapped his legs around Grady’s torso, squeezing until he heard a gasp and felt the grip on his wrists shift. 

Ty used Grady’s moment of weakness against him, rolling over while ripping his wrists out of Grady’s fingers. He used one hand to pin Grady’s wrists the same way, leaning down to bite his lip none too softly.

“You think I wanna fuck someone else?” he growled, leaving Grady’s lip alone to nip along his jaw, little red teeth marks rising in his wake. “You think someone just says hi to me or waves their ass in my face and I forget about you, about what we have?” Grady shook his head, eyes closed, wincing as Ty’s teeth sunk into his shoulder. “Because I’ll tell you, no one else comes close to what you do for me. No one feels like you do.” Ty ground their hips together roughly, painfully putting pressure on already swelled flesh and sucking a gasp from both of them. “No one kisses like you.” Lips parted, teasing Grady’s with only light brushings, feathery and gentle, incongruous with the tight hold Ty still had on his wrists. Grady lifted his head off the bed, seeking, and Ty backed off, out of his reach, a devilish expression on his face. “You want me to kiss you?” he breathed. Grady glared even as he nodded. Ty pushed his face close to Grady’s and savagely attacked his mouth, tongue invading, even this bit a fight over control—which again, Ty won, using his teeth on Grady’s tongue before pulling back again. “No one tastes like you,” he whispered, eyes blazing into Grady’s as he deliberately put his lips to Grady’s throat, licking the skin at his pulse. The hand not clamped over Grady’s wrists slithered lower, pinching nipple before teasing its way south, trailing fingers along skin that bristled into the touch, seeking, wanting.

Breathing hard as Ty’s fingers encircled his cock, Grady’s eyes blazed, his teeth clenched. “You swear to me I’m the only one?” he demanded, voice soft, slightly wavering. Ty knew he’d hate the need plain in his words, but they warmed Ty to the bone. This wasn’t fight-sex. This was territory-claiming sex, an expression of belonging to each other. Grady was Ty’s, and no matter the insecurities that made Grady think otherwise, Ty was only his in return. 

Ty rested their foreheads together, breathing rough, his voice full of heat and desire. “I swear. You’re all I want. No one loves me like you.” He released Grady’s wrists, letting his body fall to the side, his hand working Grady’s cock the way he knew got him hot with need. Stretching forward, their mouths met hungrily and Ty groaned as he felt Grady’s hand close over his hard-on, heat bursting in his torso. Closing his eyes, his face sinking into his forearm, resting against Grady’s cheek, he whispered into his ear, “And I love you like I’ve never loved anyone. Don’t you forget it.”

He kissed his way down Grady’s chest, playing his teeth across nipple and muscle and skin, golden in the afternoon sunlight streaming into the room. Grady breathed sharply as Ty ran his tongue up the length of his cock, stopping to tongue his slit briefly before gripping the shaft at the base to align it with his mouth, then take him inside. Grady arched into the warm wet heat, groaning at the obscenity that was Ty’s tongue on him, caressing and sucking along soft skin stretched over hardness. Ty, not taking his mouth off Grady, reached into the nightstand drawer and pulled out the lube, slicking up his fingers and his cock. Grady watched Ty’s plump lips around him, his strong jaw muscles twitching, his neck flexing as he pumped his mouth over Grady’s cock. His fingers found Grady’s nether entrance, ringing the puckered flesh there gently, coaxingly, sliding one finger inside him to the first knuckle, and wiggling.

“Jesus, Ty!” Grady threw his head back, spreading his legs to give Ty all the access he wanted, while Ty mouth-fucked and finger-fucked him, adding fingers as Grady relaxed for him, mesmerized by the shifting of Grady’s muscles beneath his skin, his pliant abandon that beckoned until Ty couldn’t stand it anymore. Grady mewled when Ty pulled away, leaving him momentarily naked and exposed until Ty knelt on the bed between his spread knees, yanking him closer, his hips raised into Ty’s lap. The press of his cock head against Grady’s pinky-brown hole made him close his eyes and groan as the ring of tight muscle resisted, then yielded to his flesh. He hooked his forearms behind Grady’s knees, leaned forward and braced himself. Hips moving in a gracefully powerful arch, he set a punishing pace, sweat rising on his lower back with the exertion of it. His eyes were glued to Grady’s warm brown ones, flecked with gold and staring into his own with such intensity that Ty felt it in his soul. 

Never anyone else, Ty thought, watching as Grady’s hands fisted in the covers on the bed, yanking so hard the top sheet pulled from the mattress. Ty released Grady’s legs, wanting even closer, covering his body as he fucked him, their mouths devouring each other in the attempt to become one. They were connected in the basest, most visceral way possible. When Ty wrapped a hand around Grady’s cock and stroked in time with his thrusts, Grady hissed through his teeth, arched his back, and bit Ty’s swollen bottom lip, hard. Ty moaned, just a hint of blood tingeing the kiss. He’s marking me. The thought nearly tipped him over.

Their grunts and sighs and heavy breathing which filled the room along with the sound of smacking flesh were all caught by a single unseen, unknown eye. Thumb stroking the ridge of Grady’s cock smearing pre-come, Ty’s hips slammed hard, fucking Grady into the mattress, demanding everything he had to give and returning it in kind. Ty’s cock pegged Grady’s prostate with each downward thrust until he howled for mercy. Ty pressed himself against Grady’s ass, thrusts becoming less entrances and exits, feints in and out so much as rocking himself inside, the head of his dick massaging, pushing, demanding greater access until he cried out, spilling molten desire into Grady’s clinging hole. Straining against Ty to take everything, Grady’s body vibrated with need, his dick shivering against Ty’s belly until it shot in ever widening ripples of orgasm, his semen slicking them both. He pulled Ty close, taking his weight and breathing hard into his ear. 

“I’m sorry, babe. I should never have doubted you.” He nibbled Ty’s earlobe, breath resuming normal pace as Ty rolled to his side, propping his head up on his hand.

“No, you shouldn’t have. But I forgive you.” He laid his head on Grady’s shoulder then, wrapping an arm around his torso, pulling him closer and throwing his leg over the other man’s. Grady turned into Ty, slinging his arm over his waist, fingers stroking Ty’s back in circles and closing his eyes. 

Without Grady, Ty knew life would be bleak, devoid of sensation, grayscale, a life in which he would endure rather than thrive. Grady gave his surroundings a brightness and depth, a breath of joy he hadn’t even fathomed was missing before they met. To go back to that would be disastrous.  His eyelids slipping shut with the scent of their lovemaking still in the air, he buried himself in Grady’s embrace and drifted, not quite sure he heard the murmured, “I love you,” before oblivion claimed him.

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