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Chapter 4

The music thumped in time with the flashing lights, and sweaty bodies in various states of gyration on the dance floor were painted in stark relief, then shadowed when the lights strobed with the beat. Grady and Ty watched from the sidelines, both with bottles of beer in hand, standing close, but not so close that an errant picture could expose their relationship to the media. A group of friends circled around them, ducking in and out of the melee on the dance floor, laughter competing with heavy bass.

Ty’s mood was in the toilet, and Grady’d known it all night. He was twitchy and defiant, not his usual funny self, but abrasive. His normally good-natured barbs stung with meanness. What bothered Grady was that he couldn’t tell if Ty cared or not. Their friends had put up with it at first but began cutting Ty out of the conversation as the night wore on, and Grady could tell it bugged Ty. All of Grady’s attempts at treating him normally had been met with glares, so even he’d softened his usual banter. All Grady wanted to do was go home with Ty and literally fuck him stupid, which might get the man to open up about what was on his mind. He watched as Ty emptied his beer, turned to the bar, and raised a hand for the bartender’s attention. 

“Gimme a Johnnie Walker Red, neat.”

Grady quirked a brow at him.  “You okay?” he shouted, signaling the bartender for another beer while she was in the vicinity.

Ty stared defiantly at Grady, eyes steady as he downed his drink, signaling for another before the bartender could get busy helping someone else. Grady waited patiently for Ty to answer. Finally, Ty shook his head.

“I just feel off, like I’m in a snow globe and everyone I know is shaking it up to watch me tumble around inside it like a fucking puppet. Just … little jabs by them,” Ty waved his hand in the direction of their group of friends, “All night. And not even something that can be quoted, it’s just a tone. This whole night has been uncomfortable, and I’m tired of it. So I’m ignoring it with my friend Johnny here.” He raised his glass again, clinked it against the neck of Grady’s bottle, and drained half of it, baring his teeth at the burn.

Grady blew out a breath, leaning forward to speak in Ty’s ear, not quite shouting over the music, not wanting to be overheard. “They’re just concerned, babe. You’ve been drinking a lot lately. People are starting to talk. And this,” Grady took Ty’s glass from his hand and set it out of his reach on the bar, “isn’t helping. Come on.” He took a pinch of Ty’s shirtsleeve in his hand and pulled him to a back hallway that led to the bar’s storage and a couple offices, one of which was unlocked. After pushing Ty through the door, he shut it behind them, turning to face Ty, running his hand through his hair. The muffled thump of the music set Grady’s nerves on edge, and he wondered if it would be the soundtrack to an explosive argument. Still, he waded in.

“I’ve noticed it, too, man. First opening the fridge for the beer I know was in there to find it suddenly wasn’t, going for a bottle of wine I know you just bought only to find it in the trash, empty. I haven’t said anything because you seem fine. You’ve been acting no worse than normal, but I’ll be honest, I’m nervous. And I’ve been watching, too.”

Ty expression remained inscrutable. “I haven’t been at it any harder than you have, and you know it. I thought you were losing your mind, asking me about all the booze because I thought you drank it. But alright, if you’re concerned, I’ll back off. No big deal.” 

Grady stared at him.

“What?” Ty snapped, patience gone.

“I just… I don’t know. Expected this conversation to blow up spectacularly, with you shouting at me that you’d drink what and how much you wanted. I didn’t expect this quick of an agreement. Not that I don’t appreciate it completely.” Not that I believe it for a minute.

Ty let Grady pull him close, sighing at the hand against the side of his jaw, his breath a puff of warmth against Grady’s palm. Grady’s eyes bored into Ty’s before he pressed their foreheads together. He wasn’t convinced and he felt guilty about it, but he also didn’t want to argue, and there would be no talking to Ty without arguing, given the man’s mood

There was a lot more that Grady knew that he didn’t mention. Ty’s publicist had cornered him about some questionable photos that had been mailed to her depicting Ty on a bender. Grady hadn’t been able to place the timing or location of the photos, but it was clear that Ty had been partying publicly, unabashedly, and the sender of the photos had threatened to go to the tabloids with them. The worst was the credit card bill Ty’s agent had shown him, the bar tabs and the expenses at their local liquor store. Irrefutable proof of how much Ty was drinking and hiding a fuck of a lot from him. He didn’t think they had such a bad life together, and that Ty seemingly needed to numb out hurt. But Grady also knew from past experience with an alcoholic uncle that once that demon takes hold, it’s not about the reason to drink so much as drinking simply is the reason. The daily drown becomes the focus, not the antidote.

“You’ll back off?” Grady let a little more concern bleed through his words, as close as he would get to extracting a promise from Ty. 

“Yeah, man.” Ty’s voice was tinged with confusion, but he let it go. “No big deal.”

Grady nodded, wrapping his arms around him in relief. Ty melted into him, his face finding its usual spot in the crook of Grady’s neck.

“This is the first time all night I haven’t felt ready to crawl out of my skin,” he mumbled. “The rest of the world can just go away.”  He set a kiss against Grady’s pulse, lips moving marginally, his hands traveling across Grady’s back, mapping the muscles under his shirt. “Let’s go home. I can think of a different kind of distraction to lose myself in. A few of them, actually.” He suggestively worked his fingers between Grady’s waistband and his skin, nails slightly scratching at the swell of Grady’s ass. But his words felt like a needle.

Pulling back enough to look Ty in the face, Grady studied him for a moment, and then risked asking, “Why do you need to lose yourself at all?”

Ty smiled. “Poor choice of words. More like finding who I want to be when I’m with you.”

Almost an hour later they crashed through Ty’s front door, groping at each other, flinging shirts, mouths hungry and attacking. The cool air versus the warm touch pimpled gooseflesh up Grady’s arms, his hair standing up with electricity. He flattened Ty to the wall beside the door, running his tongue up Ty’s neck to his ear, whispering his need without forming coherent words. Ty’s hands yanked at Grady’s jeans, ripping them open and shoving them down, his fingers raking scratches on Grady’s thighs. Ty’s belt weighted the sides of his fly open and Grady reached to cup his balls, rubbing the heel of his hand along Ty’s very hard shaft. Ty gasped and pushed Grady away, quickly shucking his clothes. Grady followed suit, until they were deliciously naked. Grady leaned into Ty’s warmth, using his weight to draw the breath from Ty’s mouth even as their tongues met and warred, a kiss so deep that Grady lost whose tongue was whose. Groaning, he shoved Ty into the wall again, lifting his legs so they wrapped around his waist, a full body hug that took his breath away. Leveraging his weight into Ty, the tip of his cock head bumping Ty’s perineum, he pumped his hips, sliding pre-come against Ty’s cleft as Ty clamped down, his ass actually hugging Grady’s cock.

“Bedroom,” Ty whispered through clenched teeth, wrapped tightly around him while he staggered back from the wall and clumsily carried Ty to the couch, unable to bear his weight long enough to reach the bedroom. He needed too much. They settled, Ty straddling Grady, his hand reaching between them to align their cocks and stroke them together, his other hand tangled in Grady’s hair, eyes intent on each other. They slowed, intensity gathering in their gazes, in their bodies, growing deeper while they held themselves back, letting it build in a slower burn.

Ty leaned to the side, pulling Grady with him so that Ty was on his back on the couch, Grady stretching out on top of him. Their lips met in a sensual embrace, more powerful for the slowness they exhibited. Ty’s hands trailed up Grady’s back, gripping him close even as he spread his legs, making his desires clear. Ty reached over to the coffee table to the mostly hidden drawer and pulled out the small tube of lube they kept there for just such occasions, handing it to him.

“I want you inside me,” he whispered hoarsely, gnawing gently on Grady’s earlobe, trailing his soft lips down his neck. As Grady knelt up to attend to the lube, Ty ran his hands along Grady’s inner thighs, knowing it made him crazy. Grady, to his credit, didn’t lose focus, and he took his time making sure Ty was ready for him. Within minutes, he had Ty panting, pulling at him.

“You want it?” Grady asked, braced on elbows over him, covering his mouth so he couldn’t answer right away, prolonging the wait.

Ty growled, hands tangling in Grady’s dark hair and yanking so he could see his face and answer. “You know I do. Do it.”

Grady slipped his arms under Ty’s back, palms up and flat against his skin, his fingers curling over the tops of Ty’s shoulders as the tip of his dick breached Ty’s nether hole, gliding into him inch by heat-building inch, using his hands to pull Ty onto himself. Fully buried, Grady didn’t move, marveling at the feel, the tightness and at Ty squirming beneath him to try to encourage movement, but Grady held him down.

Then, slowly, he began to move in increments, rocking slightly, teasing Ty, making him gasp and want more. “Goddammit, Grady, fuck me.”

Smiling, Grady obliged, pumping his hips slowly, maddeningly, driving both of them deeper into the couch, their eyes locked on each other even when they kissed, the gentleness of their lips and tongues incongruous with the fire building in them, but it was that very gentle quality that was stoking their need so fiercely, like bellows across embers glowing from orange to white. 

Ty whispered, “I love you,” even as he traced Grady’s lower lip with his tongue, and Grady, eyes alight with the same emotions, pumped his hips hard, his hand lowering to Ty’s cock to stroke him even as he split him apart from the inside. Finally giving into the urgency they both felt, Grady pounded Ty. The whole time their eye contact remained steady, like caresses to their inner sanctums as they watched each other at the moment of release, staring with naked adoration. 

Grady collapsed onto Ty, finally breaking the intensity of the gaze to hold him close, to whisper into his ear, “Never a day without you.” And he felt Ty smile against his shoulder.


Nearby, a lens refocused, blurring and sharpening, lips tightening behind the camera at the scene in the viewfinder, eyes narrowing.

Mine. He’s mine, not yours. He will love me, not you. She watched them, heard them gasp and murmur, and in her mind’s eye, she substituted herself for the other one, the extra, superfluous one. Looks like it’s time to get the excess baggage out of the picture. And in the semi-darkness, her face bathed in the electronic glow surrounding her, she smiled.


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