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Chapter 13 and End

“Honey, I’m home!” Grady called in amusement, nudging his front door closed with his foot since his arms were full of groceries. He whistled tunelessly as he put away his purchases. The tune died the moment he saw Ty’s face as he emerged from the back of the house. He was pale and glassy-eyed, moving robotically to their couch.

Ty had put his own house on the market and moved in with Grady as soon as the crime scene tape had been cleared and Veronica’s equipment had been hauled away while they’d been on location shooting their sequel. Most of Ty’s things had gone into storage until they could be put on Craigslist or donated, but to help him feel at home, Grady had insisted they redecorate at least one room in his house. Ty’d chosen the living room. Grady had given Ty the spot in the garage due to the media frenzy over the hostage drama, which had yet to die down even months later. The last thing they needed was the paps getting pictures of Ty using a key on what the media knew as only Grady’s house.

Speculation over their relationship was rampant, but those that knew for sure had kept mercifully quiet. The police were tight-lipped about information relevant to the case, and no press were allowed near Veronica. There may have been no way to keep the trial out of the press unless the judge saw fit to seal the proceedings, but they had months before the motion would be heard in court. For a change of pace, the defense and the prosecution saw eye to eye on the subject. The defense wanted an insanity plea, and publicity surrounding the case would not help their cause. The prosecutor’s office, while lamenting the loss of such a high profile case helping their reputations, agreed that the safety of those involved was more important than sound bites on the news. Such information often brought more obsessive fans from the woodwork.

Grady immediately went to Ty’s side, pulling him close. Ty was shaking, and his blank look twisted Grady’s guts.

“Ty, you’re scaring me. What is it?”

Ty turned up his hand, uncurled his fingers which had little squiggles of blue on them, and a ball of paper rolled to the floor. Grady picked it up and smoothed it out. It was a letter, and the ink, possibly from a felt tipped pen, had smeared in several places from Ty’s sweaty hand. Grady’s mouth went dry as he began to read.

Hey Sailor,

I’ll be surprised if this actually makes it to you, but despite my diagnosis, there are still people I can rely on for a small favor here and there. If you never see this, at least I’ll know I tried.

I don’t see how my love for you is so different from Baggage’s. He would do anything for you, and clearly, so would I. When he was out of the picture, you chose me just as much as I chose you. Our one night together was one you initiated. Sure, I set up the variables, but that’s no different than making a fancy dinner and covering the place in candles. It’s all about mood, and all I’m guilty of is setting it.

I know where I failed. I did my homework on you, and I know you inside and out, but I underestimated Baggage. Know thine enemy. I mistakenly believed I did, but clearly not well enough. Years of careful planning ruined by one miscalculation… that I could read him as well as I can read you. I should have monitored him like I did you. I shouldn’t have assumed his ego would be so bruised by those photos that he’d leave you alone forever. I hate him so much that I didn’t stop to think that I might have one thing in common with him: loving you. One can’t just walk away from that. That I’m being forced to is bitter in the way that one would call a desert a little warm. My soul is a dried out husk that only you can rehydrate. The craving to be near you, to smell you, feel your hands on me again, is an internal itch that I scratch and scratch until I bleed, which just makes me want to dig deeper because the blood means I may finally be able to satisfy the itch. You are the only thing in my life that’s ever made me feel safe and whole and normal.

I know you think I’m crazy, but Grady can tell you that there’s truth in my words. He probably won’t tell you, asshole that he is, thinking he’s protecting you. But ask yourself this: Why did Grady stop at nothing to have you back, and he’s the awesome boyfriend, and I stopped at nothing to have you in the first place, yet I’m the unstable stalker freak?

I’m facing institutionalization. Prison or psychiatric hospital, it’s all the same. My parents will see to it even if the courts don’t. The rest of my life will be stuck in group therapy watching Schizo on my right shake from hallucinating a goat trying to blow him and Suicidal on my left working a fingernail across her wrists in the only attempt to kill herself she has left, all while Doctor Happy tries to break down my fucking walls, get in my head, and run the joint. No fucking thank you.

For me, a life devoid of you, not even allowed a picture, or to see one of your films, well… that’s no life at all. You have always been my purpose, and without my purpose, I don’t have anything to live for. I’d like to think, that if given a real chance, things could have worked out between us. That I could have made you happy, Sailor. Maybe in the next life, it’ll be different. Here’s to hoping.

Eternally yours,

Grady strode to his desk and rummaged in a drawer, pulling out a lighter he used for candles. Touching the flame to the corner of the paper, he angled it for maximum spread, watching the smooth orange grow and blacken the ink, the bullshit words. When it was well aflame, he walked it to the sink in the kitchen and tossed it in before returning to Ty. Crouched in front of him, Grady put his palm to Ty’s cheek, trying to draw the man’s gaze and erase the blank stare.

“Ty, she’s full of lies filled with enough truth to make them sting. The difference between the way she treated you and the way I do is that I’ve always given you the choice. She held you hostage, for chrissakes. That’s not love, that’s insanity. Comparing her feelings to mine is just one more cruelty to you. Yes, I would do anything for you, Ty, but always as long as you want me to. That’s the difference between healthy and psychotic.”

Ty’s eyes squinted shut, a single tear escaping before he opened them again and looked miserably at Grady.

“Don’t, Ty.” Grady cupped his face, kneeling as close as he could. “Don’t let her pervert what love means for you. She doesn’t know what love is. Her very psychosis keeps her from being capable of love. She’s obsessed, that’s it. She thinks desperation translates to devotion, that longing means love.” Grady pressed his forehead to Ty’s, his hands on either side of Ty’s neck. He kissed away the tear on Ty’s cheek, sighing.

“Babe, do you want me to be doing this?” Grady leaned forward, burying his face in Ty’s neck, his hands falling to Ty’s thighs, rubbing gently. Ty simply nodded against his temple and he nuzzled, mapping Ty’s jaw with his lips. “Do you want me to be close to you?” Another nod. Grady took Ty’s earlobe between his lips and sucked gently. “Do you want my hands on you? Your hands on me?” Grady picked up Ty’s limp hands by the wrists and pulled them to rest at his waist, sighing as Ty’s fingers tightened on the waistband of his jeans, fingers hooking through the belt loops.

“Yes,” Ty whispered.

“Do you see the difference?” Grady snaked his arms behind Ty and pulled him close, fitting himself in the V between Ty’s legs. “This is right, real. You love me. I love you. We want what’s best for each other no matter the personal cost to ourselves. She wanted what was best for herself, and her sacrifices were never about what you needed. That’s possession, not respect. You were property to her.”

Finally, a little awareness made its way back into Ty’s blues, and Grady smiled. “There you are.” His voice cut off abruptly. He’d almost called Ty ‘sailor’ and silently vowed never to say that word again, hating Veronica for corrupting yet one more thing they’d shared. He put his hand behind Ty’s neck, pulled him slowly forward until their lips touched, at first just resting there, both of them keeping their eyes open to stare at the other. Grady breathed Ty in, waiting.

After a moment of stillness, Ty sucked in a breath, his body coming to life as he crushed Grady to him. Ty took over the kiss, his mouth opening, his tongue delving between Grady’s lips insistently to taste him, equally letting Grady into him.

“Grady,” Ty whispered when he came up for air. For just a moment, he stopped their caresses, gripping Grady’s hands. “You… sure you want me, still? I’m really fucked up from this, from her. I’m a mess. I would understand…” he swallowed hard, “if you decide it’s too much for you.” He lowered his gaze to their twined hands, shaking from the implications of his question.

Grady tilted Ty’s face up, nothing but warmth showing in his eyes. “Ty, baby, I’m not going anywhere. I never should have in the first place. You’re not alone. I’m here as long as you’ll have me. I do want you—” It was his turn to swallow hard. “for the rest of my life.”

They’d never talked long-term. There was always the career question, knowing projects would keep them apart a lot, and frankly, they’d never felt the ‘promising forever’ bit. But for Grady, Ty had landed square in the ‘life partner’ category. It was scary, exhilarating, and Grady was moved in the very depths of his being. His eyes welled up and he smiled.

“I love you, Tyler Stull.”

In response, Ty growled and dove at Grady, covering his face in kisses and holding tight as if his life depended on it. It actually had, Grady realized, and he knew with every sigh and touch that Ty was risking all over again, not cowering behind the trauma with Veronica to protect himself. Ty’s weight pushed at Grady until he lost balance and they tumbled backward, tearing frantically at their clothes. Ty’s button-down shirt didn’t survive, and Grady ended up with a rip in his t-shirt collar. Maximus looked at them from his pillow by the chair but lowered his head with a quiet chuff.

Grady banged his elbow on the floor and Ty let out a flurry of profanity when they bumped the end table and Grady’s book-in-progress landed on his head. Grady laughed, unable to help himself. “Cocksucking wank stain? That’s a new one.”

“I’m full of new insults, and I’ll use every one of them if you don’t take me to bed right now and fuck me stupid.” Ty growled, latching onto Grady’s collarbone and giving him a hickey.

Grady pulled Ty to the bedroom and shoved him down on the bed, spreading himself on top of him like a warm blanket. Ty sighed, tenderly brushing Grady’s hair back from his eyes. They stared at each other for a long moment before Grady dipped his head to taste Ty’s lips. Ty opened himself up completely, and their movements grew frantic and needy at a fast clip. Ty clung to Grady, whimpering when Grady’s weight disappeared from him for a moment, but he quickly returned, lube in hand. Ty pulled him down again and wrapped barnacle-style around him, leaving Grady no leverage.

“You know, Ty,” Grady murmured between kisses. “I can’t really prep you if you won’t let me up at least a little bit.”


“Stubborn, aren’t we?”

“Shut up, wank stain. You’re bendy enough. Give it a shot.”

Grady laughed, raising only to his elbows, his hands coming awkwardly together at the top of Ty’s head. He squirted lube into his hand, accidentally getting some in Ty’s hair, but he kept his mouth shut. He left a lubed handprint on Ty’s thigh as he hooked a leg up and over the swell of his own hip. He shifted his hips up to better reach between them. Ty growled at him, a sound that turned to a whimper as Grady slicked his hole, stroking the puckered flesh around his anus before entering the heat of Ty’s body. Ty’s muscles clenched and he closed his eyes, shifting to push himself against Grady’s skilled hand.

They both began to pant, and Grady’s wrist throbbed with the strange angle but he didn’t stop, working a second finger inside. Another squirt of lube (and another glob in Ty’s hair) and Grady slicked up his cock. That he also lubed Ty’s thighs, dick, and belly in the process was just collateral damage. He was glad Ty’s tests had come back clean, because there was no way he was getting a condom on in his position.

He gazed into those penetrating blue eyes as the tip of his cock breached Ty’s nether hole. Spasms wracked Ty’s body and pulled at him, inviting him further in. Ty arched his back and moaned.

“More,” he whispered, and Grady complied, burying himself balls deep. After a moment, his hips took on their own rhythm, steady and strong, the beat syncing to the race of his heart. In that cadence, there was beauty, his body molding Ty’s like clay, the sculpture of which was open, honest, and giving, stunning in its simplicity, complex in its orchestration of nerves, tingles, and growing need.

Ty’s arms and legs curled around Grady, his ankles hooked at the small of Grady’s back, pushing, aiding in bringing them both to the peak where they stood for moments looking over the breathtaking landscape of their lives together before diving headlong into it. The epicenter of their joined bodies radiated spasms, rippling out in ever expanding circles until they were both consumed, weak limbed and floating.

Grady was the first to break the reverie, hissing in sensitivity as he pulled out and settled beside Ty, wholly wrung out. Ty rolled to his side, and scooted into Grady’s arms, his back to Grady’s chest. Grady, with a devilish grin, wiped the rest of the lube off his hands onto Ty’s chest, which earned him a growl, but he could hear the contentment behind it.

The silence stretched to the point where Grady thought Ty had fallen asleep, until he abruptly rolled over and buried his face in Grady’s neck, speaking softly.

“I want you here, Grady. I want you with me, for as long as you want to be. I’m getting my life back, as people find out about what happened. It’s nice to be vindicated of everything everyone thought they knew about me, but without you, I wouldn’t be here. You never gave up on me. So I’ll never give up on you.”

Grady smiled into Ty’s hair, tightening his arms. “That’s good. Because I think this whole lube mess you’ve created has glued us together.”

“Think we’d get in trouble for shooting the third film attached like this? Wardrobe would have a shitfit.” Ty laughed, rubbing stubble across Grady’s shoulder beneath his face.

“You know what?” Grady’s tone turned serious. “I think the director’s just happy to have you back in the land of the living.”

Ty chuckled. “It’s good to be back in the land of the living.”



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