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 wpid-queers-cover-2.jpgQueers by AJ Rose, Published by Voodoo Lily Press

Releasing 1/2014

Amazon: $6.99. Kindle format
Barnes & Noble: $6.99 epub
All Romance Ebooks: $6.99 multiple formats
iTunes: coming soon

Length: approx. 177000 words, 437 pgs

Genre: Romance, m/m, Contemporary,
Graphic sex

Within her walls are stories. Love. Laughter. Tears. Lives lived to the fullest, and sometimes cut short before they really get started. She’s seen it all, from homelessness to super-stardom, boys dressed as girls, girls dressed as lamps, and boy, does she have secrets she could tell. Her one truth is that everyone who darkens her doors is accepted with open arms and a song.

Her name is Queers, and for one of L.A.’s few dueling piano bars, she has a lot of heart. On her stage, the beautiful voice of Duff McKinley rings so true he captures the shattered heart of his boss, Brad Mosely, who checked out of life three years ago. But even lifelong dreams have untold consequences.

Duff came to L.A. to chase his musical aspirations, but his best friend Garrett Slater accompanied him to chase a wish of his own: finding The One, his white knight. He believes Landon Kennedy fits the bill. Suave, handsome, and powerful in the music industry, Landon can show Garrett a life he’s only seen in movies. But even as Landon helps Duff realize his dreams, he brings Garrett into a nightmare he may never leave, one from which Garrett’s roommate, Jackson Moriarty, is determined to rescue him. If Garrett repays Jackson by seeing his own charms, so much the better.

Yes, within her walls, Queers has long history. Unrequited love, sinister intentions, fame, fortune, and a group of friends and lovers who would do anything for each other no matter the cost.


Safeword (PE Tag) AJ RoseSafeword by AJ Rose, Published by Voodoo Lily Press

Releasing 6/2013

Amazon: $5.99. Kindle format or $12.99 paperback.
All Romance Ebooks: $5.99 Available in multiple formats
Create Space$12.99 paperback
Barnes & Noble: $12.99 paperback

Length: approx. 110000 words

Genre: BDSM, romance, erotica, m/m, mystery, detective
Graphic sex

Everywhere Detective Gavin DeGrassi looks he’s reminded of his attack by the Breath Play Killer. It’s in the house he lives in with his partner and Dom, Ben Haverson. It’s in the sympathetic yet pitying looks he receives from his fellow detectives when he returns to the force after a year-long hiatus. It’s in the suffocating coddling of his entire family, and the relentless reporter demanding an exclusive of his ordeal.

Most of all, it’s in his lack of submission to Ben, who isn’t convinced Gavin’s recovered enough to trust the power exchange between them.

The miraculous recovery of two teen boys from a twisted kidnapper gives him heart, and Gavin’s determined to prove he can handle anything despite increasing strain between him and Ben, painful nightmares, and panic when anyone touches him.

But his next case is too close for comfort: a friend and colleague found raped and murdered in a fate chillingly similar to what could have been his own, and this killer isn’t stopping with one cop. As the body count rises and taunting souvenirs are being hand-delivered to Gavin, he faces a frustrating lack of leads, a crushing need to prove himself, and a sinking suspicion the imprisoned kidnapper’s reach is further than originally thought. A miasma of uncertainty and fear threaten to suffocate him when he asks a question with which he’s overwhelmingly familiar: what happens when a victim is pushed too far?

Power-Exchange-300-x-450Power Exchange by AJ Rose, Published by Voodoo Lily Press

Released 9/15/2012

Amazon: $5.99. Kindle or $12.99 paperback format.
All Romance Ebooks: $5.99 Available in multiple formats
Create Space: $12.99 paperback
Barnes & Noble: $12.99 paperback

Length: approx. 117000 words
Genre: BDSM, romance, erotica, m/m, mystery, detective
Graphic sex

From the moment Detective Gavin DeGrassi steps into the world of BDSM to solve the brutal slaying of Dom George Kaiser, his course is not his own. Mesmerized by the context in which the victim lived and the images of the lifestyle seared into his soul, Gavin must find a way to navigate these unknown waters. With his personal life in upheaval due to marital trouble, and his professional life uncertain with the assignment of a new partner, Gavin needs all the help he can get understanding the case.

Enter Ben Haverson, a psychologist and a well known Dom. With Ben’s help as a consultant and attention to Gavin’s own murky truths, Gavin delves deeper than he ever thought he would into the world of restraints and paddles. Forced to scrutinize his true nature and his innermost desires, Gavin has a choice: keep the fear of submitting at bay, or dive in and solve the case with the knowledge he gains. When another victim is discovered, Gavin’s choice is made for him, and he’s pulled headlong into the deepest, most emotional journey of his life.

Unfortunately for him and Ben, a killer has noticed, has taken stock, and has set his sights on the D/s pair. Can Gavin outwit him, or will his first exchange of power be his last?

the yearning finalThe Yearning
 by AJ Rose, 
Published by Voodoo Lily Press

Released 1/13/2013

Amazon: $1.99. Kindle format.
All Romance Ebooks: $1.99 Available in multiple formats

Length: approx. 25000 words
Genre: paranormal, romance, erotica, m/m, haunting, ghost
Graphic sex

Eric is a fiercely passionate ghost with a complicated after-life. He’s in love with Justin, a mortician who is very much alive and very much in love with someone else, his best friend Darren. Torn between desiring Justin for himself or wanting Justin’s happiness, Eric never expected his death to be harder than his life. When darkness threatens Justin’s soul, is Eric strong enough to enlist Darren’s help, or will Justin be lost to both of them forever?


102 thoughts on “My Books”

  1. Wanted to let you know I just finished Power Exchange and it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read; considering that I read about 80 books a month, that’s saying something. Please write a sequel and then many, many more books.

    • Wow, thank you!

      I will never stop writing, and while I make no promises, Gavin and Ben are still muttering in my ear. Meanwhile, I’m well into a new book, probably out late spring/early summer.

  2. I have to agree with Andrea M. I’ve just finished Power Exchange, loved it. Please, please write a sequel.

    • Thank you for the kind words!

      Ben and Gavin aren’t done with me yet. I think there’s more of their aftermath to write. And uh… some more creepy criminals out there to catch.

  3. I’ve been meaning to email you, but as per usual am useless, so wanted to post and tell you how much I enjoyed Power Exchange. I loved how you got inside Gavin’s head…about why submitting worked for him on a basic level. I’m new to the genre and that’s the bit I’ve been looking for. They why. And I loved how simply Ben explained it to Gavin – in a way Gavin (and I 🙂 could understand.

    YAH WRT Ben and Gavin not being done with you yet. Yes the book finished, but…I would love to see where they go as a couple – they still have so much to work on after what happened.

    • Thank you for commenting! I’m so glad you enjoyed Power Exchange. I got what I hope is a really good start on the sequel and Ben and Gavin have some things to work out, for sure, though it’s mostly Gavin. I’m already enjoying the hell out of running with these characters again. I hope readers feel the same when Ben and Gavin see the light of day again.

      • So excited to hear that you are working on a sequel and all the best with the writing 🙂 Can one say that, or should I know what the writing equivalent of ‘break a leg’ is? *grin*

      • I’ll take any and all well wishes, no matter the wording. If there is a writing “break a leg” I don’t know what it is. Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. I just finished Power Exchange. I bought it yesterday and could not put it down! What an awesome read. I read a lot of books and this one had me hooked from the beginning. I loved the characters and the sub characters. I would love to see Ben and Gavin a few years after the tramatic event to see how they have grown. I would also love to see what happens between Cole and Myah. Keep up the awesome writing!

    • Wow, thank you so much! I love it when people reach out to me like this.

      You might like to know there’s a sequel in the works, set about 3 months after the end of the epilogue of Power Exchange. There’ll be more Gavin and Ben and Cole and Myah. They weren’t done with me.

      Thanks for the kind words!

  5. I just finished re-reading this wonderful book only to come here and find out there will be more wonderful!?!? YAY!

    Having no knowledge of the BDSM life, not even having read any other stories with it, I loved the way you presented it. I felt like I was sinking with Gavin when he was finally able to completely accept himself and let go, amazing writing to be able to accomplish that!

    The characters are fully fleshed out and believable and the story was well-paced. It has a good mix of murder mystery along with the story of Gavin and Ben and all the secondary characters. Very hard to put down, even the second time when I knew what was going to happen. I got teary at the end both times.

    It is definitely something I will be re-reading. Looking forward to reading your future books!

    • Allison, you are awesome. Thank you for telling me this. Although, I may remind you what you said when the sequel comes out and you see what wringer I’ve put the boys through this time…

      I appreciate your support and your kindness more than you know. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. You authors & your insistence on putting “my” characters through horrible things! As long as they come out okay in the end I guess I can forgive it. ;0)

    Thank you for all the effort you put into your stories/books, it is obvious you not only have talent but an amazing work ethic as well.

    • Oh, Allison. My motto is to put all my characters in a blender and hit “purée”. So you’re likely to see me do it again and again. Fair warning.

      • I guess it wouldn’t be much of a story if you didn’t. Looking forward to reading all about it.

  7. Allison said:

    I just finished The Yearning and I loved it but what I loved a little bit more was the excerpt from Queers! Do you have any idea when that might be released? I’m hoping soon because I’m loving the characters already!

    • That one’s going to be enormous, with only a third of the story written and it’s already over 50K words, 6 MCs, and a heaping helping of research left. I hope to have it out late 2013.

      Thank you for telling me you liked the excerpt, though! The cheerleading keeps me going.

  8. Allison said:

    Squee!!!!!!!! I cannot wait, I loved the characters (did I say that already? I did & I DO!), I am so glad to hear that you are still working on it & that it’s going to be huge! More for me to enjoy!

    If you ever need more cheerleading just let me know, I’m happy to help!

  9. Allison said:

    Please excuse the squee…lol, I’m normally more composed. ;0) I guess I was more concerned than I realized that you might not be working on it anymore.

    • Oh, no, I wouldn’t have put an excerpt in a published book if I wasn’t sure I could finish it. Moonshine won’t let me put it down for long, and the plot’s all done. Now’s just the writing, but I need to finish PE2 first.

      Thank you for the squee. I’ll accept squees any say of the week and twice on Sunday.

      • Allison said:

        I didn’t think you would, just that maybe it was causing problems as I read stories sometimes do! It’s not like I’m not waiting anxiously for PE2 or anything either, nope, ha.

        Glad you liked the squee. 😉

  10. Just finished Power exchange AND The yearning (in two days!) and… wow! I couldn’t put them down. Power exchange is phenomenal, complete, intense, a real BDSM book (finally! with realistic Doms and subs, relashionships D/s, scenes and clubs), but at the same time a mistery novel with all the peculiarities of a classic-modern mistery novel. I liked the relashionship between Gavin and Ben, the way they became so close, their bond so deep; I loved it so much that the end made me a little bit sad – I cried actually -, because something now is changed, “broken”, and I don’t know how the things could come back like “before” (I don’t want to spoil). I read the plot of the sequel and… I still feel sad. The yearning is different, but also awsome. I loved it as much as the other! Great characters, good story, not too short, not too long. In a word: perfect. I am looking forward to reading Queers 🙂 Sorry for my english!

    • Well, Gavin and Ben can’t come out of that completely unscathed, can they? But Safeword picks it back up and runs with it. Just a couple more weeks now until release!

      And your English is fine, especially such positive and flattering comments. Thank you!

      • Thank you! Too kind. If I could write in my mother tongue, my comments would be more flattering and I would be able to explain better all the feelings I felt (see? I can’t even find a different word, a synonimous…) reading your books. I am waiting for Safeword with eagerness and at the same time anxiety! I empathize too much with the characters, I guess… Thanks again for your reply

  11. Andrea M said:

    Where is the first place we’ll be able to buy Safeword? I don’t want to even wait an extra day once it’s out.

  12. Hi AJ

    I just finished Safeword and I could not put it down. It was such a beautiful and realistic look at two people deeply in love working through such horrific trauma. I appreciated how it didn’t sugarcoat the work they needed to do to become healthy. Is it safe to assume you will be writing Marshall’s story next?

    • Wow, Renee. Thank you!

      No, while Marshall certainly deserves his own story, (and tbh I hadn’t even considered it until you just said that… hello plot bunny!), the rest of the Power Exchange crew are finally quiet in my head. I think they’re content where they are.

  13. AJ, for several days I’ve been looking for a good book to read and browsing Amazon but not finding anything that intrigued me. However, I kept seeing Safeword advertised at the bottom of the page so today I clicked on it. As soon as I realized it was a sequel I clicked over to Power Exchange. It didn’t take me long to realize this was what I was looking for (especially after reading the reviews). I’m now a third way through and only stopped long enough to buy Safeword because WOW, I am hooked! Your writing is amazing, your characters so real…if i was any good at writing myself, I could express myself better. Let’s just say, I turned off the Red Sox game to concentrate on the book and believe me, not much can make me do that. Okay, back to reading. I have a feeling this is going to be an all-nighter!

    • Wow, thanks Lisa! I’d love to know what you think when you finish. Thanks for taking time out to let me know!

      • AJ, words escape me in describing how much I loved Power Exchange and Safeword. I’m so glad that I didn’t find PE until Safeword came out because I would have been miserable waiting to see the rest of Ben and Gavin’s story, which you wrapped up so beautifully. Of course you didn’t make it a walk in the park for them. But that was part of the beauty of their journey.

        As a reader, there is nothing more satisfying than to find a book(s) that I know I’ll be able to go back to again and again and get the same pleasure out of it as the first time. I’ve already read both twice!

        Can’t wait for Queers to come out.

      • Lisa, you rock. Thanks so much for coming back to let me know what you thought when it was all said and done. I really appreciate it. And as a reader, I know exactly what you mean. Pssst, if you are looking for good stuff in the meantime, check out Theo Fenraven’s books. Different style than me, but still incredibly compelling. I’d start with the Precog in Peril series (Three of Swords, Knight of Wands, and The Lightning Struck Tower, in that order). Then his backlist. Also, another author with book 2 of a series coming out soon is Edmond Manning, so if you haven’t read his book 1, King Perry, run, don’t walk, to buy that one.

        Here’s another little sneak peek at something from Queers if you’re interested. She’s getting pretty insistent that I get on with her story, so it won’t be long before she’s set loose on the unsuspecting public. What’s a girl like this have to do with m/m? Plenty. Let’s find out in a few months, shall we?

  14. Valerie said:

    Just finished Attic Dweller. That was wonderfully creepy. I really like the Ben and Gavin books but for some reason this story just works for me……you just never know about people!

    • Yeah, Veronica was especially off her rocker. She was fun to write.

      • Yes but the trick is how you went back and forth with her character….normal then sociopath, in the B&G books the bad guy was always bad! Maybe you could do a sequel set a few years down the road with Tyler and Grady happily married and then Veronica escapes the mental hospital but first she burns it down killing everybody inside so no one knows she isn’t dead……..:).

      • *snort* That’s quite an imagination you’ve got there.

  15. Valerie said:

    So if you use it in a story can I have my name on the book (under yours of course!)?

  16. Valerie said:

    Laughing here…..I have a AJ/Fen thing going here…..I am re-reading Power Exchange on my iPhone and starting Lavander Rose on my iPad. 🙂

    • Awesome. Tell your friends!

      • Valerie said:

        I am but…….it’s funny watching some of my friends try to figure out what genre m/m romance is…..I get these sideways “looks” when they figure it out or I tell them then they usually kinda casually walk away shaking their heads. Guess I probably shouldn’t tell them about bdsm 🙂 people can be so freaking uptight!

      • LOL. I hear you. I mostly tell people I write romance, and they immediately say, “Oh,” as in, “Never mind.” Spares me the judgment otherwise, though.

  17. Valerie said:

    🙂 my son wants to be a writer (sci fi, zombies etc) so he usually asks me what I am reading and no matter what it is I usually say romance and that’s usually the end of the conversation but I was reading Safeword last time he asked so said ” romance ” but this time he didn’t let it go and asked if it was the kind where the “prince and princess lived happily ever after”, I said no so he’s like “okay so the king and queen”
    ….I thought what the hell and told him its more like the prince and the prince 🙂 so he was like woman write about two men and romance ? Uh nope men do. MEN write ROMANCE? Yep live and learn grasshopper! Waiting to see if he asks to read it. Being a parent can be so much fun!

  18. Valerie said:

    Warning: this is a long comment! As a parent you have to pick your moments for “revenge”…..,I told theo this story after I read one of his free reads ( which just cracked me up!) son is about 11, we are in the car, he wants to ask me about sex and I am thinking ok good HE is asking so I am thinking time for the “birds and the bees” no my son wants to know how gay men have sex! He is 11!!!! All kinds of thoughts going through my head at that point….one of those pivotal parent moments…..Uh why? Well no girl parts how do they do it? So….nice deep breath….I try to be honest….and told him….he gets all quiet and thoughtful then says “that’s gotta hurt” then OMG he asks for the mechanics of it all….so not going there cuz then the next question from him would have been “so mom have you ever done that?” So I just told him be gentle. AND just last week he tells me, casually that he and his girlfriend plan on having sex in his bedroom in my house while I am at work you know just letting you know mom. Okaaay, thanks for the heads up! Revenge…..:) Plus your books are great. He could do a lot worse when it comes to m/m stories YOU at least have stories with real relationships, a plot, and enough sex to make the story hot! That’s why i find your books so refreshing for want of a better word. These days there is no “romance” section in the bookstore….it’s all fifty shades of something and even when written by women for women a majority of it has too much sex not enough story! Besides he is 21! 🙂 you want to hear the one we had about “safe sex” or what do tell your 8 year old when he find an anatomically correct adult toy……????

  19. Oh, well if he’s 21, all bets are off. LMAO.

    Did you tell him it’s now his responsibility to wash his own sheets?

    Okay, so I have one for you, though it’s not quite as edgy as yours. When we were kids, my sister and I were pretty close, and we’d stay up late in her room talking a lot, or listening to music, or whatever. My parents never bugged us about my falling asleep in her bed, even though we were realistically too big for that kind of thing. So one night, I fell asleep in there, and in the morning, my mom asked me how late we were up, and that we shouldn’t stay up so late on school nights.

    My sister got an evil grin on her face and said conspiratorially, “We know you’re just trying to keep us from hearing you in the next room. But you’re too late. We heard you last night.”

    We hadn’t heard her and my dad, thank god, but instead of denying it or telling us we were lying because there was nothing to hear, my mom got a horrified look on her face and exclaimed, “You did not!” But it wasn’t a, “You couldn’t have because we did nothing.” It was a, “Oh tell me you didn’t!”

    I plugged my ears and yelled, “LALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU,” and ran for my backpack and then my car to go to school. Anything was better than guessing right. Thank GOD we’d fallen asleep early enough.

  20. Valerie said:

    You know it really hurts rolling around on the floor at my age…OMG your poor mother! So listen this one…. My son is seven…,see he started with the questions early….I am laying in the couch peacefully, blissfully involved in a very vanilla romance and my son comes walking up to me and since I am at a really good part I just go hmmm when he calls me then he says in this really snotty kind of voice “what is this?” So I turn my head and he is shaking my anatomically correct dildo in my face and the look on his face…..and I swear I never ever left that thing out but today oh man there was dangling in my kid’s hand ( thank god my mom always insisted we take care of our toys you know cleaning but of course I forgot the putting them away part). So I am totally panic stricken do I tell him its mine and its none of his business? Get mad ….nope my policy has been if my son asks a question I need to give him an honest answer ( man was I re-thinking that policy)! So trying to see how much he actually understood I asked him what HE thought it was as it was anatomically correct he looks at shrugs tells me he doesn’t know. So I tell him like kids grownups have toys and hoping please god let that be good enough:( of course not he asks how you play with it and I totally copped out took MY toy away from him and told him when he was older I would tell him…he said ok and went back to his Power Ranger toys! No more adult toys were ever seen again! Here’s a thought maybe your mother was getting some “revenge” and after you ran for the car she got an evil grin on her face cause man she got you. (At least that’s what I would have done!) and yes he washes his on sheets since he was nine cuz you know ewwww!

    • Valerie Hacking said:

      Somehow I got on Tumblr, never been there just like never blogged before. Reading your books has opened up a whole new (electronic) world that I have been resisting. I always wondered why anyone would have a blog, email, twitter etc but after reading some of the posts on Tumblr the difference in how you approach your blog at wordpress and your Tumblr site really stands out. I don’t know seems more serious. I enjoyed reading about your thoughts and methods of writing. It seemed like a more of a “question and answer” place then a “comment” place. I wish I had found it sooner……good questions asked, learned a lot. Valerie

      Sent from my iPad

      • Tumblr is an animal I’m still trying to understand. It’s sort of an experiment, and I didn’t want to have the same content there as I do here because I want to foster more of a conversation there. That site seems more suited for it. We’ll see if it works.

      • Valerie Hacking said:

        That’s what it felt like to me….a place to have a dialogue. It seems more serious, more about the work itself whereas WordPress is short quick bits of info,more fun. I think as an experiment it works……I learned more from Tumblr. Some of the questions asked were more personal then I would have thought someone would ask you….like your toy selection. (I loved your response). I guess if you are a writer researching a new book it’s a justifiable question…….? 🙂

        Have you ever read a book called “switch” by Claire Thompson. She does some m/m romance stories but goes a little deeper in the the bdsm aspect of the relationship. Her handling of power exchanges with the characters was similar yours. She shows it as a slow process with a lot of communication, checking with the other person, respect, trust and the two characters actually thinking and talking to each other about the relationship. Most of the other books I had read with any kind of bdsm were all about sex and more sex until there was no story. Strangely enough these were women writing for women…..I had to try m/m romance to actually find a romance with just enough sex to be hot but with an actual story line! Of course the truth is I couldn’t resist the lavender rope then just got pulled into the story…..timing was perfect since both books were out!

        Hmmm maybe I should move this to Tumblr Valerie

        Sent from my iPad

      • Tbh, my openness with talking to readers sometimes makes people try to ask more personal things. Some of that is Fen’s and my ignorance when we first started blogging when we weren’t known. We got really personal on our blogs, but in the last year, have backed that way off. But some of those questions stem from stuff on our blogs before we decided to tone it down. I honestly try not to answer the ones that make me uncomfortable with any real information, yet without offending the person who asked. Which is probably why it seems I don’t take those questions very seriously.

      • Valerie Hacking said:

        There is definitely a whole new form of “etiquette” regarding blogging etc. I am not quite sure of the rules, yet. I just hope nothing I have said has made you uncomfortable….while I learn my way around. Please let me know if I do….I would rather be told. That said my favorite response from you was the story you told me about your evil sister……a little personal but not too much.

        I think you and Fen are responding to my comments at the same time…..I have this picture in my head of you two sitting together on the couch with your laptops. If you are tell him I want the photos. 🙂 Valerie

        Sent from my iPad

      • Oh, no, you’ve been fine. My litmus test is if I would still tell the story in front of my mom. If yes, I go ahead. Heh.

      • Valerie Hacking said:

        I should probably use that as my litmus test only reversed…..would my son ever speak to me again if I told that story? Ummmm dang it I think he would not be happy with me even though he would probably gleefully tell that story to get to me….ok so no more stories about toys, condoms etc I could tell you family stories about pets….snakes,tarantulas, scorpions, alligator snappers and once a very hysterical rattlesnake, me not the snake. We also had normal pets dogs,cats,birds and fish. Valerie

        Sent from my iPad

      • Valerie Hacking said:

        Okay I do have a question…..the use of “heh”. Both you and Fen use it and I just wonder if its along the lines of “ha” or ??? Valerie

        Sent from my iPad

      • It’s a chuckle, just shy of a laugh, but more than a smile.

      • Valerie Hacking said:

        Did you make that up?

        Sent from my iPad

      • No. It’s a fandom thing.

      • Valerie Hacking said:

        Well then “heh”…..:)

        Sent from my iPad

      • Valerie Hacking said:

        Actually I think you handled those personal questions perfectly. If I had been the one asking them I wouldn’t have been offended but would have definitely gotten the message it was personal. You turned it into something funny. I remember reading some of your older blogs and there is a definite difference in then and now. Valerie

        Sent from my iPad

      • Valerie Hacking said:

        This whole blogging thing is confusing to me. I have a hard time “reading” people (no pun intended) when I can’t see their faces. I even went online to look up blogging etiquette :/ I think I am getting a little better….unfortunately for you you were my “training wheels” blog! Valerie Plus I pick an author…..spelling and punctuation anxiety, anyone?

        Sent from my iPad

      • Haha, you’re thinking too hard. It’s a conversation. Respect is key, as in all things. And it goes both ways.

      • Valerie Hacking said:

        I’ve heard that about myself before…..but (thinking too hard still ) dont you think that people who have a blog about a particular subject, for example, your books that its expected that the conversation would remind within the parameters of that subject? See my problem and maybe you’ve noticed this, is staying on track, for me a conversation plays off comments and can go in completely different directions then what your blog may be about. That’s what drives me crazy, learning to stop the conversation at the right point. Maybe I just have too much time on my hands! 🙂

        Sent from my iPad

      • Conversations go off on tangents all the time. It’s where the good stuff is. My blog is just me, mostly aimed at writing, with a little life thrown in, though less of that the busier I get.

      • Valerie Hacking said:

        Well I do have a question? observation?…about your writing. Since yours was the first book I had ever read about m/m romance by a man it surprised me just how many women read your books. Did you expect that? Whenever I heard about m/m I thought why would I read a book written by a man about men….isn’t it for men? I didn’t think there would be anything for me to get from the book, except maybe hot dirty sex without feeling, which gets pretty boring. I’m glad I was wrong….you write romance which is so different from the porn I expected. So are you surprised how many women read your books?

        Sent from my iPad

      • Not at all surprised. The majority of the readers in this genre are women, and they mostly filter in from various fandoms, which are also largely comprised of women. My market is women. Men are more visual creatures, so if we’re looking for porn, it’s usually the DVD variety, with exceptions. Gotta love the exception.

      • Valerie Hacking said:

        Well I like visual too but it usually seems to be bad and not in a “good” way……especially if it has moving parts. 🙂 I don’t usually like to see books turned into movies but I think your books would translate into a visual that would appeal to a lot of women, and not just for the anatomy being shown but because the basis of your books is romance. Now who would play Gavin and Ben….now there’s a nice visual.

        Sent from my iPad

      • I think a story without depth isn’t worth writing. Our biggest sex organ is our brain. Without it, it’s only friction.

      • Valerie Hacking said:

        Friction heh! And another thing…..wait….yes this is still about books…..working on the staying on task. When I read books written by women for women with leanings towards bdsm it drives me nuts when the little, young sub gets disciplined by the big (of course all over big) bad Dom for rolling their eyes, etc…….seriously you think you’re going to spank me for rolling my eyes…I don’t think so! I can only take so much of that (eyes rolling). So again like your books across the board. Yours are more about, as you say, the mind and the heart instead of shock value! 🙂

        Sent from my iPad

      • Eyerolling is a respect issue, and any Dom that overlooks it is inviting insolence. Dom preference for punishment, I say. But keep in mind, sometimes the sub is getting in trouble on purpose to invite punishment. It’s sometimes how they know they’re cared for. Discipline isn’t easy to dole out or even think up. If it’s done right, the sub knows they’re worth the trouble.

      • Valerie Hacking said:

        You’re right it is disrespectful in any situation. I think the problem is if you haven’t experienced that life style, all you know is what you read and it is very dependent on the author’s knowledge and how they present the story. I don’t want to be treated like a child but on the other hand for most adults it’s been a long time since someone has called them on their behavior and there have been consequences. As for being a brat to get attention I guess the question would be why the sub felt they had to act out to get it, unless they can’t or don’t know how to ask for what they need. Having someone in control, making all the decisions, taking care of you, is an incredibly attractive aspect of bdsm. I think a lot of women would be willing to give up control to someone who cared and respected them. I mean its incredible how fast that whole genre has taken over the romance section of bookstores…….maybe more men should read romance.

        Sent from my iPad

      • Valerie Hacking said:

        It also probably has something to do with my age…..most of the stories are basically aimed at younger women/older men and its hard to relate to that dynamic. There is definitely a market for stories based on more mature characters. There is one author who has ventured into this aspect of bdsm otherwise it seems past a certain age it doesn’t exist anymore. Well I guess that’s true all around….for some people reaching a certain age means you are no longer a sexual person. I don’t know if this is would be considered a personal question, but when you did your research for the books you had to approach it from both the dominant and submissive sides…..was that hard?

        Sent from my iPad

      • Yes, it was incredibly hard. It’s why I wrote it in 1st person from Gavin’s PoV. I don’t have the spine to be in a Dom’s head.

      • Valerie Hacking said:

        That would be hard….you have to pay such close attention to the other person as well as yourself. I have enough trouble just figuring out how I feel much less someone else. I know I wouldnt want to be that responsible for someone else. It’s very scary especially considering the more extreme forms of kink. Although I like the fact there seems to be so much emphasis on communication, trust and respect…more guidelines for acceptable behavior.

        Sent from my iPad

  21. Valerie said:

    I sent you a comment on your story and another story back but I think it disappeared into the ether ( or I write too much and you want me to stop :/ ) so just in case its the latter here’s a shorter one . Your poor mother (snickering here) your sister is evil and quick……I love that kind of humor but just a thought for your consideration, since that “evilness” had to come from somewhere (mom perhaps) and again parental revenge……..I think once you had vacated the premises your mom dusted her hands together and with an evil smile said “my job is done for the day. And a good job it was,too!
    We know most people have sex and we know our parents did at one point cuz hey we are here, right? But the thought of them “doing it” is just wrong on so many levels and as mature as I am I STILL cringe w hen that idea crosses my mind! It must be implanted in our DNA or something!
    And yes he washes his own sheets since he was nine cuz you know….boy sheets ewwww!

    • I can see your other comment, Valerie. The story about your son finding your toy. *snicker* I made it my mission as a kid to make my parents squirm every time I could. It bit us in the butt that time, though.

      • Valerie said:

        It’s amazing how often “butt biting”,
        (and I’m sorry that just does not have the same ring to it as “bit me in the a#%) happens in the course of living……see I can be shorter!

  22. Beverley Jansen PhD said:

    Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading Power Exchange and Safeword. You really kept a great balance between the story and the BDSM/Sex. I really loved how Ben, a believable Dom, didn’t rely on drawers full of toys and equipment and could improvise! Wonderful use of a silk tie…I am a Doctor of English Studies and Literature and as such my curse is being unable to avoid spelling mistakes, punctuation errors and writers treating readers as idiots! I only found two spelling mistakes and lovely flowing prose, which meant I could happily submit to your world of Gavin, Ben and Myah…I’m really looking forward to the publication of ‘Queers’

    • Wow, thank you! I will check for the errors, though, and re-upload. I think that issues a prompt to everyone who bought it that a new version is available to replace the problem one. So glad you enjoyed!

  23. Christine Johnson said:

    AJ, I left a 5 star review for Safeword on Amazon but had to tell you personally how much I enjoyed the continuation of Gavin and Ben’s story. Thank you for not allowing them to drift away on the HEA life raft towards shore in Power Exchange. I love how they remained anchored in their conflict until forced to resolve the issues in the relationship. So much more satisfying, and to get more of these wonderful characters was such a pleasure! They are permanently embedded on my Kindle for future re-reads. I’ve also taken quite a liking to Theo Fenraven’s stories and have been enjoying getting to know him as an author, as well. Looking forward to more titles from you both!

    Christine J.

  24. I really wanted to take a second and tell you that I love Power Exchange and Safeword….they were exceptional and very emotional. I just wanted to ask is there a possiblity of more Gavin and Ben, or should I say please please please more Ben and Gavin. :):)

    • Haha, thank you! At this time, I have no plans to write more Ben and Gavin. Their journey was a very difficult one to write, and while I won’t say never, it’ll be awhile if ever again. Ben and Gavin are also quiet in my head, making it difficult to hear any more whisperings of their story to be told.

      But! I have another book in the works which I put an excerpt of at the end of Safeword, and my beta readers are very positive about people connecting with the characters, so I hope you’ll give it a chance at the end of the year when it is scheduled for release.

  25. Rita Steed said:

    I left five star reviews for both Power Exchange and Safeword on Amazon as well as a comment on Voodoo Lily but wanted to definitely let you know how much I truly enjoyed your work. You have a really lovely way of writing BDSM relationships and I was heartbroken over the couple lost in PE. They had only been featured a couple times but I could literally feel their connection. Ben and Gavin are wonderful and while I’m disappointed they are done for now, I do feel satisfied with how we left them at the end of Safeword. I loved their interactions so much, both in and out of the bedroom. They felt very real to me and the difficulties they faced were extremely well handled and flowed really nicely. The added bonus of these books is the element of mystery/suspense with Gavin’s job and the two crime sprees. Again I felt these were handled so well. As good as any Top Author list in the mainstream market, if not better. The way the storylines evolved was paced perfectly, allowing for us to keep up with the thought processes of Gavin and Myah among others. I also liked that you didn’t use any of the shortcuts so many do in m/m with focusing more on the MC’s and their sex life and skipping to a quick finish on the mysteries leaving holes and readers scratching their heads going huh???. I cannot wait to read more from you and the sneak peak at Queers is maddening cause I want it now!
    I have to tell you, I have read a few thousand m/m ebooks over the past 4-5 years and you’ve definitely jumped to my “must-buy” list! Congratulations on writing such wonderful books and keep ’em coming!

  26. After some encouragement from TF, reading Rita’s post (and wishing I had said all that first) and overcoming the whole “why I liked this book” explanation phobia, I also left a five star review on Amazon (this is my second review ever!) for PE and Safeword…….only wish I done it sooner. I do believe I’ll go leave some more reviews now that I’ve tried it I think I like it…….maybe………sorta……

  27. Yep just did one for Theo…so that make three today! Not a “virgin” anymore, LOL

  28. Amazon just sent me a message saying my review was helpful to another customer…..hmmm, monster definitely!

  29. You are amazing & talented. I have read power exchange & safeword twice now. It pulled my right in, I couldn’t put the books down. I fell in love with Ben & Gavins story. I wonder what’s behind all Trents animosity, is he really gay & just hiding behind all that animosity? Jealous of Gavin? Maybe as something from his past. My mind has gone wild. He is such a disliked person and I want to feel bad for him but can’t. Well thank you fir such great works. I am anxiously waiting for Queers. WOW.

  30. I never buy books based on someone else’s reviews (unless its art books). Didn’t really trust anyone’s opinion on books they think I should read…..but I am going to have to change my opinion on reviews or at least the writing of them because according to Amazon the one time I went online to leave reviews for you, Theo and T.Baggins five people used them to buy those books I reviewed……so color me a believer in at least the writing of reviews if not actually reading them! (Amazon is kind of scary…..!)

  31. Like Val said, never buy books based on reviews either. The book description grabbed me and so did the cover. Lol
    Holy sh@t! You really do like putting everyone in a blender. I felt gutted while reading Power Exchange and shredded while only part way through Safeword. Ben pulling away from Gavin….one word ouch! I had to put down the kindle and walk away for the night. That’s a compliment btw….Lol

    Looking forward to the new release and if the Ben/Gavin muse ever hits again…would welcome return to see how they are.

    • Heh, I have a character formula from a quote Fen found: Give them something to want; give them something to fear; give them something to hide; give them something to obsess over… and then hurt them.

      I’m thinking about getting that tattooed somewhere.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the books so much. If Ben and Gavin get talkative again, I’ll be sure to say so.

  32. Oh you must get that quote tattooed! Fen is awesome for finding that and you are smart to follow it although, someone needs a spanking for ripping out my heart so many times in one book. Lol

    Evil genius!

    • Now, now, if I didn’t make you care about what happened to the characters, I wouldn’t be a very good writer, would I? I have to make it hurt, or the catharsis wouldn’t feel as good at the end.

  33. Fine. You win.
    I like the torture, adore the pain and the sweetness in the healing (as gut wrenching as it is to see them go through this process)..there is love there.
    I hope my poor heart can handle more tomorrow.

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