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Should you need to reach me for any reason, whether it be to:

  • request a copy of one of my stories for review (though usually I’m the one asking for reviewers to read so if anyone does this, I’ll be over the moon)
  • tell me I’m awesome/horrible/should quit while I’m ahead/have written the best thing you’ve ever read/really need to keep the day job/have insane hair
  • see if I’ll beta for you, or offer to beta for me
  • find out more about Voodoo Lily Press or
  • ask me to wash your car

I have an email address. Here it is.

ajrosefiction (at) gmail (dot) com

Other ways to find me:

  • Facebook: Author Page
  • Twitter: @_AJRose
  • GoodReads
  • Tumblr where I will post small snippets of WIPs and answer questions both on my behalf and as my characters. Want something you’re dying to ask Ben? That’s where you can do it.

But if you ask me to wash your car, the answer is no.


19 thoughts on “Contact Me”

  1. Congratulations on the honorable mention from the NLA-I for power exchange!

  2. Would love your books in print–is this happening soon?? Esp. Power Exchange.
    Also, want to proof your stories if you need help with proofing upcoming works–Safeword? Sent you an email but there was no area for the message?

    • Once I get Safeword released, I’m going to look into print sales for both it and Power Exchange.

      Thank you for the offer, but I have all the beta readers I need at the moment. Safeword’s past that stage now.

  3. Valerie said:

    Hello AJ this is actually the first time I have ever emailed an author…I am 56 female hetero and up until about five years ago pretty unaware of anything regarding bdsm until one of my best friends discovered she was into S/M. It was rather strange to learn about this change in her lifestyle but it also made me curious to learn more and hopefully understand better so because I am a reader I started reading everything I could about the lifestyle. Some of it was like “wow, seriously?” Some of it was “oh hell no!” But what really got to me was the almost consistent theme in these stories of the care, trust and focused attention between sub and Dom. I have envied that since find ing this style of writing. Trying to separate what is real from what is not in these stories is constantly there in the back of my head but just yesterday I found your stories Safeword and Power Exchange on Amazon and I started reading. I started the first book and read all night finished at five am. Slept for awhile then started the second which I just finished now. Somewhere in there I texted my friend and gave her your name to check out your books. I enjoyed them both so much… often books with bdsm can be all about the shock value but yours had great story lines that kept me reading for two days. But then when I went looking for more I could only find one other book which I immediately downloaded to my iPad but I am going to try and “save” it for awhile since that was the only other thing I could find you had written its got to hold me till “Queers” comes out sometime this year! Are here any more of your stories available?

    • Hi, Valerie. First of all, thank you for your kind words and recommending me to your friend. That makes everything worthwhile, right there.

      Second, I don’t yet have much of a backlist, but I’m working on that, I promise. In the meantime, besides The Yearning, the only thing I have out is a free read I put up last summer. If you start there on the Prologue and hit next at the bottom of each entry, it’ll take you through the story. It’s probably novella length, all told.

      Enjoy! And thanks for taking the time to drop me a line!

      • Valerie said:

        Thanks for the response, like I said I’ve never sent a comment to an author so it was nice to hear back! Also just have to say that who ever picked the cover pictures and did the rope work…..they are beautiful the model and the rope……that was one of the reasons I brought up the sample to read. Plus it was a nice long sample read which allowed me to get into the story.. I wish more samples for books were longer I would probably buy more! Ok gotta go start The Yearning!

      • Valerie, I love to hear from readers. I may not have time to answer everything, but I try.

        The cover was a stock photo, and my partner and editor, Theo Fenraven (who is also an author writing m/m) did the photoshop to turn it into a cover. He’s a stud. 🙂

  4. Congrats Valerie for being such a good friend.

  5. Valerie said:

    Gotta love photoshop (and studs)! I did go to theofenraven.wordpress and wandered through some of the older comments…….I am at working laughing my head off about the one called The People At Work, or “It’s Just Another Microcosm”….. I think I would be considered the “Church Lady” but without the church…..”I (here hand to chest) have worked here for 26 years and I DO know everything!” And I totally agree with the inking yourself up in your 20’s . I have friends with older tats and it ain’t pretty what happens with age, gravity especially with women. That beautiful full blown rose riding on high on that perky little breast dies an ugly death eventually ugh! Oh just finished “The Yearning”….. That is a really cool concept about what happens after death and anchoring yourself…I like it better then the whole heaven vs hell vs nothing.

  6. Valerie said:

    Like I said before I have never emailed an author before and I don’t do Twitter, Facebook, rarely google and never blog ……I was always afraid of getting “sucked” in, turn into someone who is online obsessively (up till now the only site I cruise through for more then ten minutes is Amazon)guess I was resisting the 21st century…..that whole “cultural shock” thing with electronics…….but now I feel like I just got sucked into a vortex…..the whole blogging thing is so cool….so much info about people that would normally be something a stranger would never know and the best part is its a choice to share by the person sharing…….on that note I am also realizing I need to keep my comments “shorter”…… short and sweet…..and maybe I missed it somewhere on the different sites……is there a release date for “queers” other then sometime in 2013? Read all three of your books in three days (sometimes it sucks to read fast but then again I also re-read books I love for years!

    • I don’t have a release date yet because I’ve only got it about 1/2 written. Plus, it depends on my editor’s (ahem) schedule, and he won’t know until closer to fall what his outlook is. I’m shooting for October-ish/November-ish, but I don’t know if it’ll happen. Don’t want to pick something and have to miss it for some reason or another.

      Thank you for buying my books, and for your comments. I love to hear from readers.

  7. Sharon Cox said:

    I’ve just finished Power Exchange and Safeword and I loved them both. Gavin and Ben are two characters who really appealed to me and I think that you fleshed them out beautifully. I don’t know if you will ever revisit them as you have left them in a good place but one day in the future I would love to know how they are doing.
    I also read the snippet of Queers and I will be buying it as soon as it is published. I’ll be haunting your page to know when this happens.
    Thanks again

  8. I’ve just finished Safeword, it was awesome. Please write me more of these guys? Please Sir? =)

  9. I’ve just finished Power Exchange and Safeword. I just want to say WOW and thank you so much for this fantastic story. I spent 2 days reading and nothing else, I enjoyed them both so much. Between the way the story is written, the murder cases, the touching D/S romance, it was like I was there with Ben and Gavin.
    I’ll read Queers as soon as I can.
    Thanks again

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